You’ve probably been reading a lot about sea moss, or “Irish sea moss,” lately. It’s been all over the news, with everyone from celebrities to health experts commenting on its nutritional properties. 

You might be wondering, what is the best way to supplement with sea moss?

Well, it really depends. Sea moss pills and sea moss gel are both excellent ways to supplement with this amazingly nutrient-rich seaweed. That said, each method offers different strengths and benefits. 


History of Sea Moss

In case you didn’t know sea moss is perhaps one of the most versatile plants in the world. An intertidal seaweed, it grows in tidepools and inlets around the world, from Europe to the Caribbean. One of the primary components harvested from it is carrageenan, a gelatinous carbohydrate that is often put into baked goods or cosmetics. Carrageenan is found in dozens of common food items, including yogurts, ice cream and milk, and sea moss is the only natural source of carrageenan! This component makes up around 55% of sea moss and is actually what gives it the rubbery texture which it is known for.

It grows in a wide variety of colors, including various hues of green, yellow, purple, red, brown, and black. However, the most common varieties that grow in the warmer waters are generally red. These are often called Irish moss.

Sea moss has a wild and varied history, and native coastal peoples around the world have harvested it and used it as a medicine for generations. For example, since the early 1800s, the Irish have gone out to harvest sea moss. They used it as a natural healing agent, but also to get vital nutrients the body needs during times of famine and hardship, such as the famous Great Potato Famine. Jamaicans, too, have a long history with sea moss.

Archaeologists recently found sea moss specimens in Monte Verde, Chile dating back thousands of years! From Ireland to Norway, Vietnam to Malaysia, and even in many remote regions of Africa, people have used seaweed as medicine and food for thousands of years.


Benefits of Sea Moss

Sea moss has such a long and diverse history around the world for a reason. It has dozens of excellent health benefits. Recent studies found that sea moss has a prebiotic effect when consumed. It boosts the number of fatty acids in the colon, which get rid of bad gut bacteria and, in turn, strengthen the body’s immune system.

Sea moss also contains citrulline–arginine, a compound which helps stimulate metabolism (explaining why sea moss is great for weight loss). This compound also synthesizes collagen, providing healthy, shiny hair and smooth skin. Another recent study discovered that the anti-inflammatory powers of sea moss can also help protect the brain from diseases including Parkinson’s!


Sea Moss and Infertility 

Sea moss’ reputation as an infertility cure, both for men and women, has also been investigated at times. That’s not surprising, because in the United States alone, around 12% of women between the ages of 15 and 44 have trouble becoming (or staying) pregnant.

A 100-gram portion of sea moss has 182 micrograms (mcg) of folate, which consists of around half of the 400 mcg daily recommendation. This is a good thing, because folate has been shown to improve pregnancy rates. 

Sea moss also contains zinc, which is known to have a beneficial effect on egg quality. The nutrients in sea moss also contribute to a healthy diet, which dramatically help to improve a variety of issues that contribute to infertility in men, things such as metabolic syndrome and obesity.


Should I Use Sea Moss Pills or Gel?

So, we finally arrive at the big question. 

Should you use sea moss pills or gel? 

Well, first off, that’s not even the only two options. You can also buy our Raw Wildcrafted Dried Irish Sea Moss and make your sea moss yourself! But if you’re looking for an easier option, gel or pills are great choices. If you’re buying quality, natural sea moss, then it doesn’t matter what form you want to supplement with. What really does matter, however, is how you plan to use your sea moss

If you want to use your sea moss topically, for benefits to your hair and skin, then be sure to purchase Sea Moss Gel

If you want to ingest sea moss orally for benefits like weight loss, memory, and for all the nutrients it contains, then Sea Moss Pills are a decent option, but you can ingest Sea Moss Gel, too! 

All told, Sea Moss Gel offers much much more versatility, since you can add it to a variety of drinks and foods. Whip it up in a smoothie, add it to your protein shakes, or bake it into a pie. You can literally add sea moss gel to anything!

Our Sea Moss

Here at Natural Sea Moss, we provide only organic, raw sea moss, straight from the source.

Our Raw Wildcrafted Dried Irish Sea Moss comes directly from the pristine waters off the island of St. Lucia. Sun dried and hand packed to ensure highest quality and viability, we don't refine or process our sea moss in any way.

Of course, we also offer Sea Moss Gel, made with only two ingredients...

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