Are you perhaps wondering: “Where does sea moss come from?” 

If so, you aren’t alone. It’s understandable. As with any supplement you take, or anything you put into your body, for that matter, you should always take into account where exactly it’s coming from. 

Well, we’ll answer this question in two parts. First of all, we’ll talk about where sea moss comes from in general. Then we can tell you a little bit about our sea moss, and where our sea moss comes from. 


The History of Sea Moss

While sea moss only recently came into use in modern medicine, it has actually been used by people around the world for thousands of years. As an intertidal seaweed, it grows in tidepools and inlets everywhere from Japan to the Caribbean, meaning that coastal peoples can easily harvest sea moss in it’s natural environment, straight from the source (just like we do!). 

Sea moss can be found in an immense variety of colors. You’ll find it growing around the world in various shades of green, yellow, purple, red, brown, and black. That said, red and yellow are the most common colors of sea moss, with the reddish tint commonly found in North America and Ireland. This reddish tinted sea moss is the variant that gave rise to the common moniker “Irish sea moss.” This name is now commonly used to refer to sea moss as a whole, regardless of where it’s harvested from.

Sea moss became extremely well-known in Ireland, because it was often used as a source of nutrients and food during the 1800s, when the Irish Potato famine devastated potato staple crops in Ireland. Irish sea moss has high amounts of many vital nutrients, including iron, iodine, magnesium, folate, and calcium. This made it the perfect one-stop source of nutrients for starving Irish peasants to stay alive and healthy. 

Sea moss isn’t just big in Ireland, though. Sea moss specimens were found by archaeologists in Chile that they were able to date back thousands of years, and native peoples in almost every coastal region of the world have used sea moss in some form or another as medicine and food dating back centuries.

Sea Moss in the Modern World

Before recently, when sea moss’ numerous health benefits became widely known, sea moss was mostly used as a source of carrageenan. This substance is a gelatinous carbohydrate that is used in food products or cosmetics as a stabilizing or gelling agent. You’ll find carrageenan in dozens of household foods, including yogurts, ice cream and milk. 

What’s more, sea moss is the only natural source of carrageenan in existence, so it’s a hot commodity. Sea moss is actually over half (55%) carrageenan! Carrageenan is also what gives sea moss its distinct rubbery texture.

But as we’ve learned, sea moss is far more than just a great source of carrageenan. It’s packed full of nutrients and vitamins that can help our bodies function optimally. Sea moss contains 92 of the 102 key vitamins and minerals that our bodies need to thrive. That said, if you want to get maximum benefit from your sea moss, it really depends on the source of the sea moss. Not all sea moss is equal, and there are tons of scammy brands out there trying to capitalize on the sea moss craze.

[By the way, if you’re wondering how to go about supplementing with sea moss, check out our guide!]

Where Our Sea Moss Comes From

Scientists agree on one key thing about sea moss. The nutritional components of algae is largely dependent on the location where the plant was harvested. There are dozens of companies online selling “sea moss supplements” which may or may not have legitimate sea moss inside, and the quantity and region in which it was sourced is questionable. 

You should always avoid supplementing with sea moss in a capsule or softgel form. The capsule may contain real sea moss, or it may contain mushed up grass with green food coloring. There’s simply no way to know. Besides, supplementing in this way, even if the sea moss itself is pure, results in a major reduction in the nutrient quantity in the sea moss as compared to eating it raw, straight from the source. 

All told, the supplement industry isn’t well-regulated, so you need to be careful where you source your sea moss if you’re getting “sea moss supplements.” 

With raw sea moss, however, it’s easy to tell that it’s pure raw sea moss. The sea moss will look exactly like the photos of sea moss in the ocean that you see online, and the distinctive carrageenan consistency is almost impossible to fake (hence why companies around the world flock to sea moss for its gelling properties).

Our sea moss is gently grown in the warm Caribbean waters of Antigua and St. Lucia. We sell both Raw Wildcrafted Dried Irish Sea Moss, with no additives whatsoever, and a Sea Moss Gel, which has only two ingredients: raw sea moss and natural spring water. This sea moss is sun-dried and hand packed, and of course, never bleached with chemicals, processed, nor contaminated with fertilizers. That way you can be 100% certain you’re only getting the best of what nature has to offer. Nothing more, and nothing less.

Experience the benefits of this special seaweed today!

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